Tuesday, March 01, 2011

SDF Youths initiate awareness campaigns against social diseases

SINGTAM: Gangaa Mukhia and Karma Gyurmi Bhutia from Singtam and Pandam are among two dozen local SDF youths who has been visiting Schools and organization in and around Sikkim creating awareness among the masses against socials evils of the society. Two youth had visited Singtam Senior Secondary School and Khamdong Senior Secondary School last Saturday and interacted with the teachers and the students and later they also visited Khamdong BAC.  The next day they participated at the 31st Basibiyalo literary meet at Singtam Community Hall and shared their views and motives with the gathered audiences.
Gangaa Mukhia told this reporter “It was nice to receive wonderful feedbacks from the students and teachers of Singtam SSS and Khamdong SSS. The students took active parts in the interactive sessions and we discussed on different topics of aids awareness, drugs abuses and the role of youth in making better society”. Karma Gyurmi Bhutia added the time has come for the ‘survival of the fittest’ and we need to fight against all these social evils. Mukhia added that this awareness campaign conveys the vision of our honourable Chief Minister of Sikkim who had told us that “Today’s youth needs to be aware of everything and get prepared for peace revolution for the better tomorrow”.