Thursday, June 14, 2012

Generous Students Dalapachand SS visits Rolep

DALAPCHAND, JUNE 14: Generous Students of Dalapchand Secondary School yesterday visited the landslide affected areas of Rolep. The six boy’s students accompanied by three teachers CD Rai, SD Bhutia and Shital Pradhan met the affected families and offered deep condolence and sorrow towards the untimely death of their families. The Generous Students also handed over a sum of Rs 3220 towards the Rolep Relief Fund to the Area MLA who had also came to Rolep with relief resources for the affected families.
Generous Students of Dalapchand Secondary School is a student forum of Dalapchand SS that had been actively participating at social help since its formation last year. Last year, this forum had played an active role in the distribution of blankets during 18/9 Sikkim Earthquake at different areas of Rongli.