Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chogyal Sir Tashi Namgyal's Glacier Oil Painting

Chogyal Sir Tashi Namgyal was a popular painter and one such coloured works "Glacier", an oil painting is placed at  the entrance hall of Chumbi Residency at Gangtok. 

Time magazine in 1963 in one of its article about Sikkim writes ...." Ever since, India has handled Sikkim’s foreign affairs and defense. Tashi retired into a private life that consisted largely of prayer and painting —he specialized in misty Sikkimese landscapes, and painted one “vision” of the Abominable Snowman, who is pictured as a skinny, jet-black animal with a red face scampering over a snowy summit carrying a nude, pink-skinned lady with an alarmed expression. Tashi conversed with spirits, who are prevalent in Sikkim, looked out at the world through green-tinted glasses, and seemed fashioned of gold, so stiff and heavy were his brocaded robes."