Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Hiramaya Pradhan, my grand mother

Hiramaya Pradhan, my grand mother was 86 years old when she had her right leg amputee last December due to gangrene. Family members agreed to cut her leg in a hope that she shall live for a long but her diabetic  condition did not allowed. She had a kidney failure and breathe her last on January 7 at around 3.25 pm at Kalimpong. Her death body was brought to her home at Bong Busty.

She was survived by four daughter and a son and dozens of grandson and grand daughters and great grand sons. A lively lady and always smiling behind her wrinkled face. She was my grand mother and much loved and admired by people who knew her.

Some year back she had told me that she was from Turuk, South Sikkim and there are still her relatives that she had not come across since long time. I still remember her words about her marriage at her teenage when she was brought to Bong Busty unknown to her and later she came to knew she was married. My grand father was a part of Gorkha Regiment and was at Burma during the Second World War. He too passed away few years back.