Sunday, July 07, 2013

Sikkim’s Geetanjali Thapa wins Best Performance award at Los Angeles Film Festival

Sikkim born Geetanjali Thapa has won the Best Performance in the Narrative Competition for her role in Kamal K.M’s I.D at recently concluded Los Angeles Film Festival. I.D. was screened in Los Angeles Film Festival in the section of International Competition that was held on June 13-17.  Geetanjali Thapa is the first Bollywood lead actress from the small state of Sikkim and her success story would surely inspire the new generation to dream big.
Geetanjali Thapa portraying a character of “Charu” in I.D. had earlier won the Award for Best Actress at Imagineindia International Film Festival, Madrid for the same film. The much acclaimed film I.D. has so far won seven awards at the film festivals across different countries and is making news.
Speaking exclusively to Shital Pradhan, blogger of ’Proud to be a Sikkimese’ blog she said “I feel extremely grateful. It feels good to be appreciated for the hard work one has put in. I have been meeting filmmakers and reading scripts. I did three films after I.D that included Monsoon Shootout by Amit Kumar, Liar's Dice by Geetu Mohandas and White Lies by Danis Tanovic. I am looking forward to their releases. There are wonderful films being made; I mostly do independent meaningful films and I am happy to be part of Indian cinema, added Thapa.
When asked about the similarity of the character of Charu with that of her real life, she said, “I could relate to Charu because I am a displaced person myself. I too came to Bombay looking for a job and I too lead a similar life. We share the sense of displacement, having found ourselves in a city of strangers, trying to grapple with the chaos and finding our feet at the same time.”
In bestowing Geetanjali Thapa with the Best Performance Award, the Jury of Los Angeles Film Festival had stated: “The Narrative Competition Jury gives an award for Best Actor to the very talented Geetanjali Thapa for her portrayal of Chara in Kamal K.M.’s I.D. Thapa’s performance is recognized in part for her ability to win over the audience’s empathy for a character that initially lacks, indeed even resists, empathy. Rarely conversational, her ability to speak volumes with gesture and silence is a revelation to the audience. With an onscreen presence that commands attention, we see her rising star as something that excites us as filmmakers, and we are privileged to bear witness to the start of Thapa’s very promising career.”