Friday, March 20, 2015

World Sparrow Day observed at Sakyong Chisopani JHS

SINGTAM, MARCH 20:   For the second successive year, Sakyong Chisopani JHS observed the World Sparrow Day at its school today. In a small function held in a class room, a photo exhibition of birds clicked by Shital Pradhan, teacher, Sakyong Chisopani JHS around the Chisopani locality was also organised. Teachers and students of the school were present on the occasion.
A short workshop about the conservation of birds was also held. Shital Pradhan and Monu Hang Khewa, GT (Bio) was the resource person of the day. Monu Hang Khewa in his word told the students that the whole world is in caring sparrows and we too should come together for the support. It might not be too late that we might see these beautiful creatures in photographs in coming days. This does not mean we have to protect sparrows only, for us every bird whether big or small is special and we need to provide them an equal chance to survive, added Khewa.
Shital Pradhan, Primary Teacher of the school, demonstrated the importance of birds in human society. Pradhan went on to talk about the role of birds in agricultures, biodiversity, education, environmental awareness and others. He further spoked about the possibility of bird watching in the area.
The students too participated in the inter-exchange program where they gave the vernacular names of the birds that were displayed in the photographs. It was also mentioned that more than eleven students had submitted their catapults to the school in the last year World Sparrow Day, where they had vowed never to use it again.