Friday, August 05, 2016

Damage to NH10 brought up in Lok Sabha


5 August 2016, New Delhi: Hon’ble Member of Parliament of Sikkim Constituency, Mr. P.D Rai brought to the notice of the Lok Sabha the current situation of the damaged National Highway-10 due to incessant rains leading to frequent landslides and building of low level dams on Teesta River. The house was informed about the critical importance of the highway which is the lifeline of Sikkim given the lack of rail and air connectivity.
Mr. Rai stressed on the strategic and economic importance of the highway leading to Sikkim as it sustains all forms of economic activity which include our exports of organic produce and maintain the tourism industry of Sikkim. It thus, affects our farmers and young people engaged in tourism.  He urged the Government to take immediate cognizance of the situation and take necessary action as the situation has aggravated to a point where there is imminent danger of huge disruption. Mr.Rai also expressed his concern on the vulnerability of the people of Sikkim due to limited access in case of closing of the highway even for a few hours.

The matter was brought up as a Matter of Urgent Public Importance under rule 377 of the rules of procedure of Lok Sabha. A reply from the Minister of Road Transport & Highways is expected shortly.