Thursday, April 09, 2009

Chamling declares his assets

From Sikkim Express

Chief Minister and Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) party president, Pawan Chamling is worth nearly Rs. 1.5 crores.
In his affidavit submitted to the District Collector, South along with his nomination papers in Namchi today, Mr. Chamling’s net worth is valued at Rs. 14,299,347 in movable and immovable properties (SEE BOX).
In his affidavit, the SDF leader declared immovable properties in commercial and residential buildings worth Rs. 5,215,888 in total. Agricultural land in his name is valued at Rs. 7,69,909. There is non-agricultural land in his name.
Interestingly, just like Congress president Sonia Gandhi, he does not own a car. He has liquid cash of Rs. 2,26,703 and insurance policies worth Rs. 3,53,121 in his name.
His affidavit mentions that his Namchi residential house is worth Rs. 1,505,434. His jewelleries consisting of 3 precious stones and 3 tolas gold is valued at Rs. 102,000.
Mr. Chamling has no criminal cases against him.
In the section related to educational qualification, Mr. Chamling mentions that he went to Yangyang School, South Sikkim from 1958 to 1965 but “did not complete the course and self studied at home.” He also mentions the Doctor of Philosophy (Honouris Causa) conferred to him by the Sikkim Manipal University.
Mr. Chamling’s wife, Mrs. Tika Maya Chamling is worth more than her husband, with movable and immovable assets worth Rs. 31,479,482, over Rs. 2 crores more than her husband. (SEE BOX) He mentions in the affidavit that his wife, Tika Maya Chamling is an entrepreneur in her own right.
Also mentioned in the affidavit is that his first wife, Mrs. Dhan Maya Chamling is living separately and has her own source of income and is not a dependent. All sons from his first wife have their own independent businesses and are living separately with their families. The eldest daughter is now married and is not a dependent.

Poklok-Kamrang & Namchi-Singithang (SOUTH DISTRICT)


1. Liquid cash: Rs. 2,26,703
2. Four National Insurance Company (P) Ltd. Policies worth Rs. 3,53,121 in his name
3. 3 precious stones and 3 tolas gold worth Rs. 102,000
4. Receivable from Mainaam Nursery, Namchi: Rs. 4,461,135

1. Agricultural lands at Namphok, Boomtar, Gangchung, Salebong and Kopchey worth Rs. 7,69,909
2. Namchi residential house measuring 3072 sq ft worth Rs. 1,505,434
3. Namchi Annexe House worth Rs. 900,000
4. Yangyang House worth Rs. 210,454
5. Rangrang residential building worth Rs. 2,600,000
6. Contribution in Tadong land & building valued at Rs. 1,397,294 and payment made to UBI on behalf of Sri Ash Bdr. Chamling (Father) against loan taken for Yangyang House valued at Rs. 2,000,000 a total of Rs. 3,397,294

1. Loans from banks-amount outstanding as on 31.03.09: Rs. 60,91071.


1. Bank deposits (3 in her name and 3 in the name of Mainaam Gardens at Rs. 3,576,348 in total.
2. Two precious stones and 22 tolas gold worth Rs 419,000


1. Agricultural lands at Chisopani, Ghupa Ghurpisey, Kopchey (Kamdaley) along with Kamrang & Damthang Rose Greenhouse and Damthang Garden Fencing worth Rs. 2,446,185.
2. Building (commercial & residential)-Gurpisey Building (addition, renovation and fencing valued at 5,725,000
3. Bookstall at Super Market, Gangtok in the name of Nirman Prakashan valued at Rs. 362,769
4. Flower shed at Gumpa Ghurpisey valued at Rs. 6,48,979.
5. Livestock shed at Gumpa Ghurpisey valued at Rs. 117,375
6. Kamrang Employees quarter valued at Rs. 1,000,000
7. Interest in property-Tissue culture Lab construction valued at Rs. 1,000,000
8. Plants (imported and local) valued at Rs. 5,292755.
1. Loans from banks: Farm and housing loans from UBI-Namchi worth Rs. 6,091,071
2. Loans from other sources: Loan from MP Agarwal of Rs. 3,500,000 and from Phurba Wangyal Kazi of Rs. 1,300,00. Total Rs. 4,800,000.