Sunday, December 20, 2009

The late Jungkyang Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal, seated with his mother the Queen Mother Denzong Lhayumkusho, daughter of Rakasha family of Tibet, and Prince Wangchuk whose late mother hails from the Samdrup Phodrang family of Tibet. Standing next to Denzong Queen Mother is the senior Rakasha Lhachamkusho, daughter of Raja Tsodrak Namgyal Taring of Sikkim, the eldest son of Chogyal Thutop Namgyal, who gave up the Sikkimese throne to his younger brother Sir Chogyal Tashi Namgyal in favor of staying in Tibet. The Taring family of Tibet enobeled into Tibetan high society by the great 13th Dalai Lama, is legitimately the unbroken elder line of the Royal Namgyal lineage of Sikkim, since Raja Tsodrak Namgyal was the Crown Prince of Sikkim, and his sons and grandsons today go by the Taring family name. Standing in the picture is also Princess Kukula, sister of the Chogyal married to the Phuenkhang family of Tibet. Rakasha Tsetop, Rakasha Tseten, Yap Dr. Paljor, Soden Wangdi, Chimi Paljor, and Princess Lhanzin with daughter Tseyang, Yap Tsukshin, husband of Princess Jeanla, and junior Rakasha chamkusho are a few to name. What a rare and wonderful picture of the Royal family of Sikkim.

original photographer : Mr Madhusudan Singh