Saturday, January 16, 2010

Search for Heritage Tree continues…

I simply loved the theme.....a search for the biggest / oldest tree of Sikkim. No doubt this hunt for the Biodiversity Heritage Trees is an opening in understanding the floras of ancient Sikkim.  Sikkim celebrates the centenary of the Sikkim Forest Department and the motive behind this exploration is worth an applaud form the Government. It is also said that person providing the information of such tress shall also be awarded.
The result of the preliminary survey has the following statistics:
North Sikkim: 9 trees including a Juniper with girth of c 42 ft.
South Sikkim: 13 trees including a pipalay kabra with girth of 29 ft, height 95 ft.
East Sikkim: 10 trees including a “bar” with girth 33 ft, height 150 ft.
West Sikkim: Three famous pine in Dubdi, Yuksom complex with girth 21 ft, height 150 ft.
source: Now Newspaper