Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why are they leaving contrails?

Now what is this flying object above the contrails sighted from Singtam

I do not know how correct I am but….a comparative studies of the so called contrails photographs from other part of the word with that of those observed in Sikkim in the last two months draws a similar conclusion. It was more of a curiosity that drew my interest into this mysterical phenomenon that had many faces gazing across the sky in inquisitiveness. I too wanted to know, what were those thick lines of clouds that were sighted on certain places of Sikkim in the last two months? I have observed people say, those clouds arranged in a straight line looked like the smokes of some object, stayed on the sky for some time and vanished in air.

The knowledge bank, Wikipedia defines a term “contrail” that means “Contrails (short for "condensation trails") or vapour trails are basically artificial clouds, visible trails of condensed water vapour, made by the exhaust of aircraft engines. As the hot exhaust gases cool in the surrounding air they may precipitate a cloud of microscopic water droplets. If the air is cold enough, this trail will comprise tiny ice crystals.”

In the past we have come across fighter planes moving around in the skies of Sikkim but as far as I recall my memory I have never seen any white lines of cloud left by them on their path. So what are these objects and why are they leaving the white clouds?