Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Should STNM Hospital be shifted ?

I am sharing those comments from the topic i had in Face book "Should STNM Hospital be shifted ?"

Penzang Dorjee Lepcha
hospitals should b easily accessible, but looking at the fact that the amount n the type of patients this hospital caters, i feel that it should be shifted.this hospi was built long time back keeping in view the number of public its going to serve then.
Sudip Pradhan
i think the hospital shouldnt be shifted to Sabji Mandi (it was made for sabji and not human), rather it should have had to be renovated or properly built, proper medical equipment and good doctors had to be made available in the same place as it was the gift of our Choygal. Now we think this STNM will also sonner or later be (shopping centre/... See Morehotel/disco/pub/private nursing home etc) or in the hands of some business people in partnership with our Sikkim seller. Real Sikkimese well wisher should stop it from being permanently shifted to Sabji Mandi...... Sikkimese people should not be evaluated with Sabji....
Karma Tseten Gyaltsen
I think the STNM hospital shouldn't shift because it's easy for people from gangtok to go to the hospital, and if it's shifted nobody will know where the hospital has shifted.They might get confused.
Wangyal Khangsarpa
well,sichey is nt dat far nd STNM really needs 2 b renovated...da new hospital wid approx 550 bed n modern equipments wil definitely make Sikkim much mre healthier...i guess da current hospital being in da heart of town is nt a gud location due 2 smoke nd noise pollution,thou it's easily accessible...i suggest dat da upcoming hospital shud b surrounded by greenery wid a walkin park wil help heal da patients faster...:)..a hospital shud always b aloof in a clean environment n a wider place..:).
Sonam Tashi Gyaltsen
SNTM being the state referral hospital, needs more space to cater to patients from all over the state( i second mr.wangyal's opinion) also the present location is not good for patients... its too noisy...the present location can be used a Emergency centre/trauma center.

health based tourism is good for sikkim and if there is a good hospital with state of the art facilities and good doctors this could do not only good to our patients but can be a good business model for our people. If there is such a hospital we can save our people expenditure which goes in traveling and accommodation outside the state mostly places like new delhi and bombay also siliguri.

It could save lives, money, time and the stress!!!...

Jessen Gurung
complete waste of state money, its not going to change anything. He should have invested this money in developing the infrastructure of our present acquiring new generation diagnostic machines like MRI, CT, Angiography or developing our operating theaters with new modern machines etc etc.... a lot can be done to change the face of our sick and pathetic medical system.... we dont need to built new hospitals.....
Chimi Palmu Theengh
multispeciality...hahaha joke of the century...the govt doesnt give job to specialist ....when there r so many vacancies...n plannin to open a new hospi is bullshit..m sorry..i fully agree with jessen.
Chetan Sapkota 
chimi and puspa keep positive attitude and just give credit to dr chamling for such work.......this work is done for the betterment of the people of sikkim.....not for his own personal benifit...... so plz keep positive attitude n hope for the best...dont mind care
Diki Palmu Theengh
forget abt a new hospital....make the old one jessen said CT,MRI,ANGIO...ts a must ths days...wonder how things r working bk there witout ths stuffs....for a simple blood test like doin PT INR,the pt nids to go to siliguri...tht sucks ...chimi ths new hospital truly is a joke...n heard its supposed to get over in three years...jus a new building aint gonna solve nid equipments..u need manpower who knows how to use thm..u nid specialist...
Jessen Gurung
Chetan Sapkota, you seem to be living in the past. What is the use of a specialty hospital when you don't have specialists around? I am medical specialist myself and I know what its like to open a specialist hospital. Just opening it is not enough, you need to have an infrastructure and like Diki said also the people and specialist who are well ... See More acquainted with it. Is your Dr. Chamling ready to invest on this, because quality doesnt come cheap my friend.... so i still say rather invest in infrastructure than just some building.