Friday, July 30, 2010

Sikkim's Roshan Prasad designs Mohun Bagan's Special Cover

“I am happy I made my state “Sikkim” proud- -- Roshan Prasad”

Roshan Prasad, 24 year old local guy from Singtam is pursuing his study at Institute of Chartered Accountant of India, Kolkata. He came into limelight when he became the first person from the North East India to design the Special Cover for India Post. His design was released in a mega event on July 29, 2010. He is also the winner of a National Award at the National Philately Exhibition at Vadodra last December. Roshan Prasad is also the Team Manager of Hills Boy’s United FC, a football team for the boys of the Hills based in Kolkata.
1. How do you feel of your achievement of becoming the first from the North-East to design a Special Cover for India Post?
Roshan Prasad: It’s an honor for me to become the first from the North East to design a Special Cover for India Post and that too of The National Club of India “Mohun Bagan AC”. I am happy I made my state “Sikkim” proud. For this I specially would like to thank Mr. Prince Rufas, Operation Manger of Mohun Bagan and Mr. Anjan Kr. Mitra, the Honorary General Secretary for accepting my design and forwarding the proposal for approval to India Post. I would also like to thank Mr. Saurabh R. Rai who introduced me to the officials of Mohun Bagan for this purpose.
2. What was so special about the design you have made?
Roshan Prasad: This Special Cover will be issued on 29th July, 2010 by Mohun Bagan AC (The National Club of India) to commemorate 100 years of its victory over East Yorkshire Regiment in the IFA Shied Final. This was the first time in the history of Indian Football, a core Bengali team, Mohun Bagan, won IFA Shield by defeating a competent White team 2-1. 
3. How did you start philately?
Roshan Prasad:  It all started when I went with my brother on a visit to The Stamp Show held at Kolkata in December 2005. That was the first time that I saw stamps on different themes and it also was the moment when with the help and the guidance of my brother I put my foot into the “King of the Hobbies” i.e. the Philately.

4. You had last December won a National Award in Philately, how was it?
Roshan Prasad: At first I was quite nervous because it was the first major philatelic exhibition that I have participated in and I was representing our state Sikkim for the very first time. To win a National Award is a great achievement for me, which would not be possible without the help of my seniors in this field. Especially I would like to thank my brother Mr. Shital Pradhan, without whom I would had not been able to win this National Award and it was he who introduced me to the world of beautiful stamps. 
 5. How do you see the future of philately in Sikkim?
Roshan Prasad: It is very difficult to get philatelic materials in Sikkim whereas in any other state it is easily available. But with the initiatives that are taken by the members of “Sikkim Philatelic Society” by organizing workshops at different schools in Sikkim, I think in future our state will be able to produce more philatelists who will make the State proud by winning more awards in this field.
6. Philately is known as king of hobbies, what is your say?
Roshan Prasad: Yes, I do believe that it is the king of hobbies and the hobbies of kings because it requires a lot of studies, dedication and knowledge, not only about the materials but also we should know the reasons for the issue of those stamps and other philatelic material. The most difficult thing about this hobby is to make a difference between the genuine and duplicate materials. 
7. How many philatelic exhibition you have participated?
Roshan Prasad: It has been almost 15 months that I have become the member of Russian Center for Science and Culture in Kolkata and formed a club named “Forum for Philately” with the help of Program officer of Russian Consulate and our Secretary. So every month we use to organize an exhibition and also use to display our collections. I have also participated in an exhibition with the request of Director of India Post in Kolkata to commemorate the Stamp releasing ceremony of the legend of India Cinema Mr. Uttam Kumar. In future if possible I would be participating in all the major philatelic exhibitions including the international one too.
8. What thematic collection do you collect?
Roshan Prasad: Basically, I have started my collection on philatelic materials and other documents related to the game of Cricket, but now I also have started to make a collection on Indian Football. This was also one of the reasons that I have designed the special cover related to Indian football as it is very difficult to get materials related to Indian football.
9.    Which is your precious possession from your collection?
Roshan Prasad: The most precious material from my collection is “The Press Telegram of India – Pakistan Test Match Series 1954-55”. This was the first time when India went to Pakistan to play Test Match under the Captaincy of Vinoo Mankad and Polly Ulmigar. The telegram contains the match report in 6 pages which was send to Amrita Bazar Patrika of Kolkata for publication and to the best of my knowledge is the only copy left as in the 80’s the office of Amrita Bazar Patrika was totally destroyed by fire.