Wednesday, December 01, 2010

SPARK NGO educate public on HIV and AIDS

SINGTAM: SPARK, a local NGO from Singtam observed World Aids Day today with an AIDS awareness campaign educating the general public of Singtam On the occasion, the members of SPARK interacted with the common people on the streets of Singtam; distributed pamphlets and posters. More than 280 red ribbons were tied by the members of the NGO to the general public.

Speaking on the occasion, Praveen Pradhan, President SPARK told that, entire globe is fighting against this dreaded disease and if we can contribute in educating people about AIDS it can be a significant contribution. Most of our members in SPARK are youth and we believe we too have our role to play for better society and healthy Sikkim, he added. 

SPARK members also attended the Aids day program held at Marwari Dharamsala organized by VHAS. Nangshel Sherpa, Vice President of SPARK NGO went on to say such educating program should not be limited to a particular day and everybody should have a responsibility to make a better tomorrow.