Saturday, February 11, 2012

DB Subba: Singtam shall always miss him

It was a passing of an era, Dal Bahadhur Subba (1924-2012) popularly known as DB Subba passed away at his home town Singtam two weeks back making a sudden void for his close people and family around. He had seen the town of Singtam grow from a small time river side inn bazaar to become today’s one of the busiest town of the state of Sikkim.
He was dedicated towards the betterment of society and without doubt he was one of the pillars of modern Sikkim. Since ‘50s’ he came infront for his voice against the social injustice of free labour system that included Kalobhari, Jharlangi and other systems of Kazi-Thekadar. He fought for the rights of the suppressed and he was their ‘voice’.
His association with Late LD Kazi, the first Chief Minister of Sikkim State inspired him to play an active role in the pre merger scenario. He was a significant leader from Singtam and the person behind controlling, mobilizing and leading the public of Singtam from the front. He joined hands with LD Kazi, RC Poudyal, Dorjee Kazi, BP Kharel, Sepchung and others. Just the other days I was told that RC Poudyal, the name synonym with Sikkim pre merger revolution had visited the residence of DB Subba the other day. Poudyal met with the family members and talked about DB Subba’s contributions in the revolution and his role in the development of Singtam Town.
DB Subba was a man of vision and an intellect mind since his early days. Being a spiritual mind, his words and views were based on knowledge of spirituality. It was his sincere efforts that he established a crematorium at Singtam; he played an important role in the establishment of Singtam District Hospital and an up-gradation of Singtam Government School. His contribution includes the formation of the Limboo Samaj at Singtam. He fought for the hawkers of Lal Bazaar of Singtam in assigning the now completed Super Market at Mandi Bazaar at Singtam. His other contribution included the allotment of the lands at Singtam Bazaar.

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