Friday, January 11, 2013

7 Things Tourists Love to See in Sikkim

Guest Column by Manya Singh

Sikkim, a north-east Indian state, revels in its seclusion and salubrious climate. Located in a very serene and slightly isolated corner of India, the state offers a tranquil gateway to holiday-lovers. Encircled by the daunting Himalayas and dissected by perpetually evergreen rivers, Sikkim is soul-stirring, quiet and extremely panoramic. Its photogenic mountainside beauty is further heightened by the soothing presence of myriad Tibetan monasteries. The culture of this locale is also refreshing and has a haunting quality about it.

Here are a few great things tourists love to see in Sikkim:

1. Monasteries: Sikkim tourism is famous for its Buddhist monasteries which adorn the length and breadth of the state. Standing atop the verdant hills, these monasteries are both spiritual and scenic. The Rumtek monastery is the most famous of them all and one of the most visited monasteries. Tourists also make it a point to visit Pemayangtse and Tashiding monasteries. They are usually included in most Sikkim tour packages.

2. Lakes: Tsomgo Lake is a fascinating, refulgent and pellucid lake. It is loved by tourists looking for a romantic corner which is breezy and pacific. Nathu La is another charming getaway which is thronged by thousands of backpackers every year.

3. Sanctuaries: Sikkim’s flora & fauna deserve special mention too. Its climate and mountainside location makes it home to various species of plants, birds and animals. You can even marvel at the colorful butterflies and get mesmerized by various orchids and rhododendrons. Deorali Orchid Sanctuary and Kyongnosia Alpine Sanctuary are two must-visit places if you are nature lover.

4. Adventure sites: If you are an adventure freak and wish to feel the flow of adrenaline, then head for places like the Old Silk Route or the Nathu La Pass. Tourists usually make full use of their Sikkim holiday packages to enjoy adventure sports.

5.. Teesta River and Rangeet River: The opulent rivers of Sikkim also make for excellent tourist spots. Teesta River is a delight for anyone who wishes to try river rafting. Rangeet River also proffers rafters with excellent waters to have a memorable time.

6. Trekking sites: Travelers also love to dig into trekking in these hilly corners. Yuksom trail and Dzongri trail offer visitors with outstanding places for flaunting your trekking shoes.

7.  Temi Tea Garden: You cannot visit Sikkim and not head over to the sprawling Temi Tea Garden. The green spread of carpet under the azure skies can give you goose bumps.

Apart from these, Sikkim has countless other attractions to keep all its guests happy and busy. Besides, the hotels, restaurants and markets also give good excuse to hitchhikers to walk over to this side of the planet.

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