Thursday, January 03, 2013

A stamp of Adomi Bridge of Ghana resembles the Indreni Bridge of Singtam

Indreni Bridge of Singtam

When i first saw the Adomi Bridge of Ghana in one of my stamp album i said to myself this looks like our Indreni Bridge. Indeed the picture in the stamp said so. The Indreni (rainbow as it resembles) Bridge joins the town of Singtam (East District) with the Aadarsh Gaon (South District) with the river Teesta flowing in between. The bridge that is still waiting for its official opening today is a centre of attraction for its beauty. Couple of video shooting had already been picturised on it and the late night radium lightning makes the bridge more fascinating. 

The bridge that was started on January 10th, 2007 was constructed by MP Agarwal from Namchi with the fund from Government of India, DONER, NLCP. The total cost of the construction was Rs 1337 lakhs.

The Adomi Bridge stamp was issued in 1967 and it features the first suspension bridge of Ghana.