Monday, December 14, 2015

Shantinagar GSS members cleans bushes to make a playing field

SINGTAM, DECEMBER 14:  In the second phase of cleanliness drive along the Joggers Footpath below Shantinagar river side, the members of Shantinagar Goan Sudhar Samiti on December 13 cleaned the bushed grown old football field. The football field was covered with huge bushes grown over the last few years.
Half of the field was cleared yesterday to set up volleyball and a badminton court. In the evening, the members of Shantinagar Goan Sudhar Samiti even tried playing badminton. Mohan Sunar, President, Shantinagar Goan Sudhar Samiti congratulated the members for their effort and said that now on the young children of Shantinagar has a playing ground and the parents would be less worried about them running at the road or going to the river.
It was also informed through press release, LN Pradhan, Advisor, Shantinagar Goan Sudhar Samiti had gifted a volleyball net and a volleyball to the organization.