Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Shanghai, October 7(KSD): Lone athlete from Sikkim, Nirmal Chandra Dahal, participated in the Grand Opening Ceremony of Special Olympics, World Summer Games 2007, held at Shanghai stadium on 2nd october 2007, where more than 160 countries participated traditionally.
As the motto says, "I Can Do It", the athletes proved that they really can as event hit top gear.
Nirmal Chandra Dahal, is the lone representative from the North-Eastern state to participate in this special olympic. He is taking part in 100mts, 50mts and soft ball throw events.
His events will start from 7th and 8th October and finals will be on 9th and 10th October. Closing ceremony is on 11th October and the entire participants are returning on 13th October morning.
As published on Hindustan times Daily dated 5th October India has already opened their account claiming a silver and a bronze medal in brocce- a sport especially designed for athletes with lower abilities.
Parents of Dahal Kuber Sharma(father) and Sashikala Sharma(mother) and Dr. Kalyan chandra Dahal, are witnessing the events and are very grateful to all the organizers of Special Olympic Bharat and also the volunteers out here in shanghai for their hospitality and of course the founder of Special Olympics.