Friday, June 06, 2008

Rousing homecoming reception for the Everesters

GANGTOK, June 05: The State Tourism Department today organised a welcome reception to the Sikkim contingent of Mount Everest Summiteers, who accomplished the glorious feat on May 22.
To celebrate the successful expedition to Mt. Everest by Sikkim mountaineers from SGMI, Gangtok, the summiteers was welcomed at Rangpo Tourist Centre by the department, TAAS, SAATO, and the local public of Rangpo.
The team of proud Everest climber reached to their home town today.
After the long gap of 43 years, seven mountaineers of Sonam Gyatso Mountaineering Institute(SGMI), Sikkim has succeeded to climb to Mount Everest at 7.26 a.m. IST on May 22, this year.
Among them Phul Maya Tamang and Yandhi Sherpa were female climbers. Nima Wangchuk Sherpa (60) from the same team made the record of the oldest Indian Mt. Everest climber.
In total, eleven climbers had been selected for the Everest expedition among them ten mountaineer were succeed. Three are from other State while Phul Maya Tamang (37), Yandhi Sherpa (31), Kunzang Gyatso Bhutia (29), Dawa D. Bhutia (35) Suraj Singh (39), Yadhuram Sharma (40), Nima Wangchuk Sherpa (60) were the rest mountaineers who made Sikkim proud.
Padmabhusan Sonam Gyatso was the first Sikkimese who succeeded to climb to Mt. Everest in 1965.
Phul Maya Tamang and Yandhi Sherpa (both recorded as first women Everest climber from North Eastern State of India) while sharing the experiences of the Everest trip jointly said, “We scaled during the nighttime and at sunrise we were at the tip of Mt. Everest. It was unbelievable. We felt like we were in the sky, everything were appearing down to us and we forgot everything.”
The added, “Given a chance, we are ready to scale the highest peak. It is interest and determination in our blood that made us scale and not whether we are male or female.”
Mountaineers had started their expedition around 7.15 am IST on May 21 from the South Cole base camp of Mt. Everest which falls in Nepal, and they succeeded to get in touch with on the top of Mt. Everest on 7.26 am IST on May 22, informed by GT Bhutia, the team leader. He also added that the secret of their success were hard labour, determination, perfect preparation and proper planning.