Thursday, November 06, 2008

From archeologist to self made Sikkim historian

Satyajit Ray with former King and Queen of Sikkim


I never wanted to be a teacher and at the same time I never had any option. I had always been interested in history since my school days but destiny had other career for me. I compromised my dream on becoming an archeologist when I completed my high schools and opted for Pure Science streams simply to please my father. In my early schooling days we were taught to plant dreams, I dream't of becoming an archeologist. Tutankhamen, Stonehenge, Crop Circles, Incas, Mayas, ancient civilizations and many others were the only things I used to fantasize. I used to regularly visit forest areas at my hometown and search for things believing that I was an archeologist and I was destined to discover it. Funny ways of life one day I found a fossil, it was a petrified fossil with an impression of a Gramineae leaf. Since 2003 I am trying to get more information of it but without any success.

I completed my Pure Science studies with a second division, thereafter I did not knew what was to follow and on a blank note I opted for Botany Honours at Sikkim Government College in Tadong, Gangtok. After my dreams of archeologist was scattered I was never able set up myself towards my future preparation. I completed my Botany Honours with a second division….well I was never a brilliant student in school or colleges but could drag somehow. I have many stories and incidents of my schooling days that I shall share some day; some were funny, some nightmares and couple sweet as honey. I smile at myself at my bygone days that made Shital Pradhan of today.

The seed of archeologist was there with me but one incident changed my outlook towards my thoughts. It was in then Calcutta, my first visit to the metros I was surprised to find that most of the people out there never knew about Sikkim. Some thought it to be in Nepal, some in China and few other made my home state stand somewhere in Bhutan. Till then I never knew what Sikkim was all about. Since then I had been studying Sikkim as my primary importance in my life. I want to know more and more about my Sikkim, every step that played an important role in the making of Sikkim.

From archeologist to self made Sikkim historian….I had changed my object of my life but one thing that had remained untouched is my sincere approach towards my goal. Blogging is just a platform to make people like me understand Sikkim. I am proud to be a Sikkimese…are you?