Wednesday, November 12, 2008

History is not a boring subject

History is not boring but the way it is treated sounds a bore. Remembering the names of the kings and the years thou for some might be a tiresome lessons but it is as easier as remembering the mobile numbers of our friends. All we need is a little interest and the vision of making it look easier for the history teaching faculty. What I have experience in all my years is a mere fact that the subject is long looked upon more as a story book, I do not deny the fact that the lengthy drawn put pages of the history lessons are part of that immemorial past but this times gone by is not a bed time story and should not be only limited to it.

I have in my school days had experienced that one of my history teaching teacher would sit on the teacher’s desk and tell the story of the chapters of history finishing one or more chapters in one session of 45 minutes. He used to say he had been teaching the subject for more than 15 years and he knows every words of the book. I never understood was that a better way of dealing with the subject.

Now I have myself become a teacher but coming from a Pure Science background I am not given an opportunity to teach the subject I love to teach. The coming year I would like to request the headmaster, let’s see what happens?

I believe in an old folks saying “An Archeologist never lets history sleep” and my inner strength says no person can succeed that does not take their past along with them.

NB: PIC FROM National Center for History in the Schools