Monday, November 10, 2008

I bought Sikkim history in a ruppee


I bought Sikkim history in a rupee. I might sound crazy but I am not. It is rather an interesting incident that happened sometime back at Singtam, my hometown. I was in one of the newspaper shop looking for old magazines for my self made library where a title of a mouse munched Hindi novel took my attention. The title read “ Jagat ki Sikkim Yatra” that is “Jagat’s Journey at Sikkim” in English, it was a great discovery at least for me.

Although novel reading is not my taste but the heading of the book was enough to capture my imagination and my curiosity. I went through each piece of paper of the book and when I was over and done with it I was rather amazed about the content in it. Though it says the story of the book and its character is coincidental but entire theme of the book shows the true picture of the agitation of the 1973 at Gangtok and how India took Sikkim.

I was reading the state of affairs faced by the people of Sikkim, the Chogyal and his family, the Indian authorities, American CIA agents and a character from China. The story had everything and worked around a central character called Jagat, an international thuggee. Every minute details of those agitation days have been recorded neatly as if the writer had witnessed it.

The writer Om Prakash Sharma I am sure had done enough study about the happenings of the Sikkim State then. The book when it was released was priced Rs 2 and since the book was old and mouse bitten I only had to pay Re 1. But for me the book was more worth its price.