Saturday, November 01, 2008

Possibility of volcano in Sikkim!!


I am doing study at the possibility of volcano in Sikkim and i firmly believe there are many chances that we can provide evidence that volcanic eruption had been a part of Sikkim in the dim past. The so-called legends that Tendong Gonpa is on the base of a dead volcano is often heard and read but so-far nothing more had been examined. In my study i find three specific area where soil testing and further examination is to be done, these places are Mt Tendong, hills of Samdruptse and finally my own Mt Shital.

Mt Shital is better known as Foong Dara and i have heard people saying that there is a small pond on the top of the hill and one needs to have an hour up-hill walk throught the forest to reach its top. The pond story is really exciting atleast for me. I have right now little information about the hills of Samdruptse but i go by the studies done in this mountain by geologists as an ample chance of a volcano possibility. Mt Tendong is a legendary time piece in Sikkim history, i had never been there but i had and read about the place where the gonpa is placed looks very much like a crater. God know s the truth!!

I here also like to mention a name of Bermoik Hills, in my childhood i had heard that once in dim past volcano had brusted but nothing more than that. I might sound crazy but my crazy thought had an impression that isn't the hot water springs found in the state resulted from the grinding of the rocks beneath the earth crust. Can Volcano not result from such grinding of earth crusts?

Presence of Pre cambrian rock had given positive approach towards the study of the geological past of Sikkim. Well I hereby leave an intresting note..... the tracing of the volcanic eruption in Sikkim shall also lead to the early days of the formation of that so-called Tethys.