Thursday, January 15, 2009

These are some SMSs i really liked....


Someone asked me for how long,
You and I will be Friends..?
I remained silent because,
I didn't know which one is longer,

A raindrop may look too small to eyes,
But somewhere a thirsty flower awaits its fall.
A small sms may seem too small to U,
But somewhere a heart remembers...

We never know why we like some people more than others..?
Why we love some people without reason..?
Why we feel happy about meeting and spending time with them..?
But happiness is all about having such people around...
You are one of those special people...

Why do we close our EYES?
When we PRAY,
When we CRY,
When we DREAM,
When we MISS someone we love...??
Because the most BEAUTIFUL things in life r not seen,
But felt by HEART..!!

If you find yourself in a very darkroom,
With blood flowing and walls shivering,
Don’t be afraid..!
You are in a very safe room,
That's my ''HEART''...!!

Some People Message you,
Because they have nothing to do...
Others Message you So That,
You’ll Message them too...
But me, I do because Messaging is my way,
Of Saying I REMEMBER 'U'...!

Fish said to water: You won’t ever see my tears,
Because I am in the water.
Water replied: But I can feel your tears,
Because you are in my heart...!

I may not be the perfect friend that you’re looking for,
Not even the best among them all,
But surely I'm the one,
Who will always care for you...

When I was sad, you were with me...
When I was crying, you were with me...
When I was unhappy, you were with me...
Now I understood that whenever you’re with me,
I am in trouble...!!

Some moments can never be passed,
Some feelings can never be stolen,
Some memories can never be hidden,
And someone like You can never be forgotten..!

Friends are people
You should never erase
Like delicate flowers
You couldn't replace
Always there
Through thick and thin
They'll listen to your problems
Again and again
They stay by your side
When no one else cares
And give the you love
No one else shares
Friends are angels
From heaven above
Beautiful people
You should always love...

Nice people are the best part of our memories,
That time can never erase,
And when I am blessed with PEOPLE like You,
My memories are always worth treasuring...!

My friendship is not a moon,
Not a sun,
Not even a star,
Because they all disappear..
My friendship is like sky,
Which will always be there,
And watching You....

Friendship doesn't get closer by meeting,
But is only sweetened by thought,
I care for you in my own strong ways,
You will never know
& perhaps I will never show...!

Day before I die I’ll spend 23hrs with you.
You might wonder what I will do the last hour.
That hour I’ll search a friend for you,
Who cares you as much as I did take care..!

You are the best heart surgeon in the world,
Because you made a place in my HEART,
Without cutting & spilling blood...
I am lucky to have a cute Friend like 'You'...

FRIENDSHIP is like a needle of a clock.
Though we are in same clock,
We are not able to meet.
Even if we meet,
It’s only for few seconds.
But we always stays connected...

January to December,
Sunday to Saturday,
Am to Pm,
My feelings for 'You' will never change...
You are always 'My Sweet friend'...

My silence doesn't mean I FORGET YOU,
My DISAPPEARANCE doesn't mean I don't care about YOU,
Because "FRIEND LIKE YOU" is always in my H-E-A-R-T...!

A genuine friend cares without hesitation,
Remembers without limitation,
Forgives without an explanation
& loves even without reasons...!

Stars are seen together,
Yet they are so far apart......
True friends may not speak every day,
But remember they are always linked heart to heart..!