Saturday, March 07, 2009

My Dhamboo goes missing.....

I am told my Dhamboo had gone missing since last one and half month. I brought Dhamboo from Jalipool way back in 2003 when it was a week old and now more than four years it suddenly went missing from my aunt's home at Rongli. I like pets but my father does not agree with me. One day my six month old puppy licked my father's arm while sleeping, the very day he ordered me either the dog or he shall stay at the house, i was rather shocked and helpless had no other option than to send my pet to Rongli at my aunt's place. Since then he was at Rongli.

What i liked the most about Dhamboo; he had never forgotten me whenever i am at Rongli and he catches my glimpse he would come running at me and play with me, would wag off his tail and try to hold my hand standing at his two feets.

Ya Dhamboo i do miss you.!!