Wednesday, February 17, 2010

News coverage on Gorkha soldiers killed at Maoist attack on EFR camp of Silda ignored


Gorkha Janmukti Morcha
Kolkata and Delhi Branch

It has been observed that certain issues has been purposely been ignored and suppressed by the state administration and even media in the happenings of Maoist attack on EFR camp of Silda, West Midnapore.

1. Names and designation of the martyrs has not been published on the first day of the media coverage.

2. On 2nd day of media coverage only names of few martyrs been published.

3. Why the deceased were not been given proper respect by the state administration and media just because they are Gorkhas.

4. The names of one injured person who was on a bus rooftop and a college student who was killed have already been published by the media and even photograph of the college student have been shown in one Bengali news channel (24 ghanta or star anand).
Why such responses were not given by the media to the deceased personnel who laid down their lives tackling the Maoist. Just because they were Gorkhas.

5. Why Rastriya Salute was given in a haste. The rule says Rastriya Salute has to be given between sunrise and sunset.
Why the state administration played politics by giving Rastriya salute at midnight.
Why such disrespect to the martyred soldiers were given.
Why such disrespect were shown to the Gorkha communities.
Why such disrespect were shown to all armed forces and personnel by the state administration.

pic: Sikkim Express