Thursday, August 07, 2014

Central Pandam SSS defeats Lower Sumin SS in a tie- breaker

SINGTAM, AUGUST 7: Indralal Karki was an unsung hero for his school team of Central Pandam SSS, he brilliantly saved two goals in the tie breaker against Lower Sumin SS. Central Pandam SSS went on to win the watch 4-2 in the penalty shoot out. Ganesh Chettri’s two goals for Lower Sumin SS were not enough at the end. Indralal Karki handy goalkeeping ensured Central Pandam SSS meet Singlebong JHS at the semifinal on August 12.
Lower Sumin SS was the better team in the first half leading one goal to nil. They even had the upper hand scoring the second goal in the early minutes of the second half. Pem Tshering Tamang’s two goals for his Central Pandam SSS team were enough to upset Lower Sumin SS momentum and the game ended in a draw at the end of the second half. Pem Tshering Tamang added another goal in a tie breaker thus becoming the first player in the tournament to score a hat-trick.