Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy 10th Birthday Sristikaa

Happy 10th Birthday Bebay...ten years passed by and now you are a grown up child.

You have grown up to be a beautiful lady and as I always say, I see you grow in photographs. It’s my inability i cannot express my feelings towards you and I know you too have many things to tell me. Being a father, I am supposed to be near you at your growing days. But, I am not near you. You might be angry, sad and don’t won’t to see my face, I can understand, I can feel it…but chori…my part of pain is with me, which is too young for you to understand.

I had always tried to make people happy…what did I do to depart from you was in a way making you remain happy. I never wanted you to grow in that disturbed family environment. I knew I was loosing you but I had to do. There are things, sometimes you need to grow up to understand. Why I am saying all this, now you are grown up and you can now differentiate what’s good or bad.  

I know sooner or later you will go through these messages I am leaving for you. I am always there for you, wherever, whenever and where-so-ever!!
Happy Birthday Once Again!!

Love Aye