Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Amazing twin tailed lizard

Two tailed ‘house lizard’ gave me a surprise that evening, almost making me amazed. The small reptile more commonly a house lizard is no new species to me but in all my years I have not come across anything that I saw at my home at Shantinagar on the evening of August 12, 2018. A whitish lizard, a bhitti was moving on the wall next to the dining table. At first glance, I considered it to be just the usual lizard until I saw something strange at its tail. I stood up and went near the wall to have a closer look - just to find that the lizard I was watching had two tails instead of a normal one tail. I took no time to pick up my mobile and took few shots.

Shedding off a tail is a common thing, every internet articles on the tails of lizard writes. But in some cases, the new tail regenerates along with a new tail from the broken tail. Thus making a twin tail or sometimes even three tail are not uncommon. I even found an article published Singapore Post in 1960 that writes the two tail lizard brings good luck.

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