Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Vote for Prashant Tamang-Darjeeling Fellow in Indian Idol!!

If you r watching Indian Idol have to watch it this Friday (11th) and Saturday (12th) because they will be showing Kolkata audition. In this episode you will see Prashant Tamang, one of St. Robert's ex-students, who has already qualified for the Mumbai round and has reached the last group of 28, passing through 3 qualifying rounds in Mumbai.

He lost his father when he was studying in class 10 in the year 2001. So, he had left school to join Calcutta Police where he has been working for the last 5 years. It was a blessing in disguise for him because in Kolkata, he got a chance to sit for the audition for Indian Idol. He used to sing from the time he joined class 5. He used to come 1st or 2nd every time in inter-class singing competitions. He also got a chance to sing solo in their concerts. Yesterday, he was in Darj with the Sony TV crew in the school as he had told them that he learnt singing from my dad (Deep Waiba) and Pema Lama while studying at St. Robert’s. Three young professionals from Sony TV did a lot of videography with him in the school including shots of the whole school singing hymns, boys playing in the field etc. At the end they took some interviews....I guess you can watch these clips inlater episodes of the Indian Idol show!

Keep watching and please ask all darjeelingeys, who are in India and their friends to SMS vote for Prashant Tamang...I guess only people in India can vote!!.....So lets keep our fingers crossed and wish the best for Prashant Tamang!!!!!!!!!!