Saturday, November 28, 2009

There is something going on in Sikkim’s skies!!!! or is it UFO

  Some Unknown Flying Objects being photographed at Sombaria
It is too early to assume the recent sky events that had been reported from different places of Sikkim are mere faux news of some extraterrestrial show up.  No such explanation of those flying objects being sighted had been found. Yet it remains mystery for those who had come across it and even for those who gossips around it. So are we being watched from sky?
The mystery further increased when a student from Sombaria came with the photographs of some unknown spherical object moving around the hills of Sombaria on November 26, 2009. He told “The said object flew bit slowly while they came out from backside of mountain, thanks to god that I was capturing a scene of mountains and the object appeared in my camera aperture. I clicked it; they were five of them moving towards border side of Nepal where they little later disappeared. I never heard any sound nor did I see any white spots behind them”.  All thanks to Voice of Sikkim’s website campaign that they had started a sms alert after the first sighting of the unknown flying object few days back across Sikkim to gather any information of certain irregular happenings at sky.
The interesting thing is that the two photographs of the objects seem different from one another. If one photographs show a thick white straight smoky lines that vanished into the sky, the other photograph from Sombaria show some spherical objects hanging on space.
The story of “Sikkim sky show up” all started on November 12, 2009 when at the noon time, the people of Namthang reported of watching some object at the sky that left behind some thick white cloudy trails that vanished into the sky. The object came with a huge sound that even had a minor trembling at nearby regions. The state of Sikkim heard about this unknown object when it was first reported from Ravangla in the local newspaper on November 23, 2009. The same day the people of Namthang, Singtam and even Gangtok reported of having seen something in “white” on sky that moved in a straight line with cloudy trails, which finally disappeared into the sky.

The white smokey lines observed from Namthang
Subbiah, a teacher from Namthang told on the 23rd of November, the white line in sky that passed by Namthang was seen by the students and teachers of St. Paul School, a private school at Namthang. Mr. Samuel, Principal of the school was lucky enough to click the photographs of the thing that went by with a huge bang with scores of white cloudy lines following it in a clear blue sky. He had also clicked the object on its earlier visit a week back but it was not completely visible.
Man Bahadhur Tamang, a teacher from Burung Primary School, near Singtam told that he along with his other teaching staff saw a “white object” moving across the opposite hill to the other end of the hill in a great speed at the noon of 23rd November, 2009. The object came with a big sound that reminded him like some noise of a blasting of rocks that usually occurs in the nearby repair work of road. The object was a "white thing" that moved in a straight line from the opposite hills of Upper Sumin Linzey through the hills of Sang. The total length of the object that was leaving some cloudy smokes from its tail was around 5 km long, said Tamang.
Prashant Pandey, a student from Singtam was another person to have seen the “thing” but only could click photographs of the white smoky  clouds that was in a without delay following something of its own. According to Prashant, he did notice some faintly spherical object at its tip of the cloudy trails that was revolving in a speed his camera could not catch. Nirmal Mangar, a media personality from Gangtok was one of the other witnesses who did saw that “object” from Nayuma Office, Tibet Road. He saw some long tail like object flying over the sky.
With the reports gathered from eyewitnesses, people around are coming with their own conclusion. Some believe it to be some comets that crossed the earth surface, while others speak of some weather testing materials from China. Rumour is also running high that the “thing” could be some Indian Air Force Space craft. But it is still too early to come to a conclusion about what those “thing” was. It is commonly believed that comet does not have sound while if it was something of Air Force testing something in this part of regions that is not often heard. It should have also returned back after sometime but the “thing” that was seen never returned back in same route. Usually any space materials moving along the earth moves in and around the atmosphere surface but this “object” was close to the top of the hills that it passed by. A question does arise if the “thing” had been send from neighbouring country for some geographical tests or other why was it not reported in any press releases.
Here I want to conclude from an incident that occurred few years back in early 2000 published in Weekend Review, a weekly newspaper from Gangtok.  The newspaper had reported of two green people (?) visiting a house in North Sikkim for two continuous days. Nothing was known about them and nor did they appeared again!!