Wednesday, May 07, 2008

NWCS role model of women empowerment

Nayuma Women’s Cooperative Society (NWCS) is an ideal enterprise of the Sikkemese women that has proved that they are now capable to be self-dependent like their male counterpart in making their livelihood.
NWCS was formed in 2001 for the women who wanted to be self-reliant on their earning. To start with, the society was not so active. Members were only a few. But soon it kept pace with the changing situation and now it boasts of having its 30 permanent members who earn more than three thousand rupees per month from their society by manufacturing handmade products like cushion covers, thanka, bags etc.
In the Society they are not merely employees but entrepreneurs also.
“We do not only work what the workers do in firm but we innovate new items also, said Miss Sonam Sherpa , President of the Society, who hails from Kavi, North Sikkim”. She further said the society has more than Rs. 5 lakh products at its disposal. They weave sweaters, thankas, bags, shawls, cushion covers and bamboo bowls.
“This year in Expo 2008 which is going on at Children Park the Society has introduced new items like Bakkhu and Hanju, a Sikkimese dress. Price of the wears ranges from Rs. 400 to 950. They are selling briskly. Per day we have more than Rs. 5000 sale”, Miss Sherpa informed. Regarding women empowerment she said “Women are not second fiddle anymore; they can choose their path according to their wish; they should not be shy”.