Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sikkim girl bags Mega Miss North East title

Pageant showcases modern outlook of North-East and lays wonderful platform for the young women of the region.

Geetanjali Thapa became the first girl from Sikkim to win Miss Mega North-East cotest. She entered the contest at the last moment and that too by a stroke of luck. But she immediately made an impact and was noted by the grooming and personality development expertsas a potential winner. Confident and beautiful girl like Monalisa Marak were her competitors but overall grace ready wit and look made the winner’s crown to deservedly sit on her head. She is not new to medelling having done quite a few asignments, some with even big brands like Elle. She at present is based in Kolkata, where side by side to her modelling she is also pursuing a degree in English Honours.

“I feel so happy. The Mega Miss North East pageant is themost prestigious crown of the region. To win it is like a dream comes true for me. My friend and family are also very happy at my success. I have always craved too become a big time model. Winning this crown will surely help me to fulfil my ambition,” says Geetanjali after winning the crown. “I love is a beautiful place. People took my participation in this pageant very well and are very excited at my winning,” the newly crowned queen of North-East said while thanking her friends and admirers.

“North-East and its people are laid back and so are lagging behind. They do not have the right kind of exposure. But surely things are changing...slowly opportunities are coming their way. The youngsters of the region now changing the face and the outlook. Look at young people like Amit Paul. Today, they are the stars. They are the examples,” opined the Sikkim girl.

“The Mega Miss North East 2007 really was a fantastic exposure. It was such a a wonderful opportunity that came my way. It gave a tremendous boost to my personality and self confidence ...I am sure all the other girls feel likewise. Also it helped us to understand life better. We won’t forget our viit to Sishu Sarathi in a made one humble and realise that how lucky we are...” were some of the views that Geetanjali shared.

The Mega Miss North East Beaty Pageant has already became a famous brand in itself, giving shape to many a dream of the women of the North-East year after year. Thanks to the Mega entertainment Group who producse and manages the event and also to the organisers Rajbari Natraj troupe and Purnima Handicrafts.

Opening the door for entries from eligable girls from all over the North-East, the contest provides the incentive to aspiring girls to go for it without demanding any entry fees. Even the grooming and personality development programme on above the stay, ground transportation and fooding that the finaliststs receive and undergo are exclusively provided by the organisers. The Mega Miss North East has become so big and famous in such a short span of time may be simply because of the fact that it is the launch pad of the girls from the North-East region to hit it big in the fashion and glamorous world. The winners of the pageant get an opportunity to participate in the prelims of big contests like the Femina Miss India and Gladrags Mega Model contest, provided they meet certain standards required by them. Thus keeping in mind that the winners of the Mega Miss North East can really hit big in the national and international scene. The effort of the whole organising team is to give the girls of the region a golden platform from where only the sky can be the limit.

The 5th Mega Miss North East Pageant was held in Guwahati on September 8. 21 title aspirants from all over the North-East vied for the crown. The 21 finalists underwent a 20 days grooming and personality development programme under experts like Sandeep Cherian, Nirmali Bhattacharjee. All the grooming and personality development process were meant to work on the shortcomings of every finalists. During this period og grooming in the run up to the pageant, the finalists also went through various sub-title contests along with health awareness campaign, plantation programme, a special visit to Sishu Sarathi which is a well known voluntary organisation of the region providing care and training to children disabled by cerebral palsy and even had a stint of gun shooting to make them tough and battle hardened.

The success of the Mega Miss North East Pageant can be gauged from the quality of judges that it has been attracting over the years. The panel was again high profile this year with famous designer and official grooming expert of Femina Miss India Hemant Trivedi being the star attraction. That a person of Mr. Trivedi’s stature came down to judge the pageant was no less than a fashion and beauty scene in the whole of North-East. All the judges had a one to one interactive session with all the finalists, giving them an opportuinity to know and understand all the contestants closely so that on the day of pageant absolute fait judgement is done to declare winners.

The day of the final contest saw excited friends and fans pouring in from all over the region. The finale was divided in to three rounds. The finalists first introduced themselves in traditional attires of the North-Eastern states that they belong to. This was followed by sarees and Indian designer wear costumes designed by young designer. Y. Deepika Devi and Joy Singh. The climax of the show saw the beautiful girls attired in stuning long gowns as evening wear. In this round all the girls were wrapped in different tones and shades of the single colour green to spread the message of awareness for conservation of the environment. Every year, since its inception, Mega Miss North East stood for a cause. This year the theme of the contest was – “The search for a true being who cares for and helps in the preservation of the environment. In the run up to the pageant and even after it through the winners the mission of Mega Miss North East was to increase the level of awareness on the current environmental issues, to organise campaigns and promote projects for the winners to enable them to reach out to the masses and encourage them to be responsible in caring and preserving the environment locally, nationally a well as globally. That the audience in the final appreciated the gesture became very clear when the 21 girls looking simply gorgeous intheir green is beautiful attire received warm applause from the packed auditorium including the high profile judges. This round saw the top 10 get selected as also the crowning of the ultimate winners in the latter stage following the question and answer session with the select panel of judges. In between, the winners of the 10 sub-titles were also declared in this all important third round.