Friday, October 19, 2007


Former MP cites dissatisfaction over party policies as reason for resignation

GANGTOK, October 17: Former MP, Rajya Sabha and a senior member of Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) PT Gyamtso has resigned from the primary membership of the SDF party.

In a letter to the party President Pawan Chamling dated October 13, Mr. Gyamtso has said that he chose to dissociate from the party as he was “disillusioned with ad-hocism policy of the party, influenced by sycophants, self seekers and rank opportunists.”

According to the letter, the starting of Mega Projects, seven of which are located in Dzongu has, however, changed Mr. Gyamtso’s perception “about the party president’s intention and his concern for the Lepcha community and the oft repeated pronouncement of Sikkim having a rich biodiversity and clean environment for development of eco-tourism destinations in the country in a number of national and international meets.”

Agreeing upon the concept of hydro power generation other than tourism for the income generation and economic development of the State, the former MP opines that the Power Projects could have been taken up in a planned and phased manner instead of going for all the Projects in one go.

“Dzongu is a protected area, protected by the Chogyals of Sikkim with the sole objective of ensuring the culture, tradition, language. The way of life of the Lepchas are not affected leave aside selling and buying by the entry of even non resident Lepchas,” reads the letter.

Mentioning that the old laws of Sikkim is protected by Article 371F (k), Mr. Gyamtso in the resignation letter clarifies that “allowing Dzongu land to be purchased by private parties is therefore exhibiting your sincerity for protecting the old laws and such action will pose serious doubt about your intention and commitment which I am sure will become a subject of intense debate and controversy.”

Mr. Gyamtso has also written that he was initially influenced with the SDF party principles, ethics, party performance, for which he had served the party with “utmost sincerity, undivided loyalty and dedication.”