Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sikkim girl makes a mark in Kolliwood

DB Rai
Gangtok: She is called ‘Sahasi Nayika’ in Kolliwood. She had jumped down 120 feet from a Fistel Air Helicopter which no other actor has dared so far. The record is of Rusma Rai, a Sikkemes girl of Daragaon,Tadong. She left Sikkim five years ago in pursuit of a career in film as an actress and has since made a niche herself as an actress in Kolliwood, a film society in Kathmandoo.
Rusma says that like Hindi film now-a-days in Nepali film also there is a great demand of stunt actors. In Kolliwood only Nikhil Upreti is known as a stunt hero and has great demand in Nepali film but he had jumped only from 50 feet height. “I have jumped nearly three times greater height than him and, what is more, I am a girl”, she said, adding, “that is why now a days I am called Sahasi Nayika (brave actress)”.
Regaling the story of her stunt shooting, she said, “I was shooting for ‘Mission love in Sikkim’ in title role. There was need of a stunt scene shooting and I was called upon to do it. I became prepared, did the role I was successful”.
The film ‘Mission love in Sikkim’ is produced as a joint venture by Solon Films and Diksha Audio Vision, a Sikkim based film Production Company. 90 per cent of the film has been shot in Sikkim. According to Rusma, premier show of the film will be also held in Sikkim itself very soon.
After successfully doing the role in Mission love in Sikkim, offers from many films in Nepal started pouring in. She has already signed for Golmal, Jutta Khaney Buhari and Maya’s Bar.
For few days she has come to her home i9n Sikkim as she is still under treatment of her left leg which was fractured in her stunt role. “Now I have almost recovered and I will leave for Kathmandoo after a week or two,” she said.
Speaking to the media persons, she said Sikkim has many potential artists. Many promising artists have made a niche in Kolliwood and now Sikkim is well-known in Kolliwood. There is much scope in Sikkim for film production, if the State government would waive the entertainment tax, she felt.