Monday, December 15, 2008

They wanted to kill me??





I was part a successful newspaper at Gangtok; the weekly newspaper “Weekend Review” was then considered the third party in Sikkim after the Sikkim Democratic Front led by the charismatic leader Pawan Chamling and Congress led by N B. Bhandari former Chief Minister of Sikkim. I had just completed my graduation when I got a chance to join the big-wig WR team, it took me a week to decide and I was a news reporter. Even then my primary concern was to look for old history of Sikkim. The new job was interesting, challenging and more of an adventure. I never knew what I was to do the next day or where shall I be the next day. Only thing I was told was to report to the newspaper office at Gangtok every Thursday to file a report. I was associated with the WR team for more than two years till our editor was changed and I found it uncomfortable to work with the new editor. Within the next one year Weekend Review went through the silent death. I had seen this newspaper grow from rags to riches and back to rags. If ever someday some one takes a note on the account of print media in Sikkim, the name Weekend Review shall have its position among the peak.

Well today I shall speak of one incident that always haunts me. An incident where a due letter envelope was send to me with a surprise note inside along with a page of names of list of people with their address. The sender address on the front of the envelope shows the name of Orissa State but I am sure this letter did not come from Orissa. The small note only said” Idiot we want to kill you, don’t try to act over smart”. This piece of paper do took me by surprise, I showed it to Sujit Chakraborty, my editor then who did asked me if I had any doubt on the culprits. But I never thought I ever had anyone to name. He wanted to carry a FIR in a police station but I did not agree. I am sure the people who send me the letter wasn’t happy with the sort of articles I was writing but I wasn’t scared for once. I was happy; I felt I was doing something better towards my society as one of my friends told me it showed my writing flair wasn’t a failure. I never gave importance to the issue and it slowly went off my mind but even today when I see the envelope I am amazed and ask myself who could had send me!!