Friday, May 08, 2009

My Blog reviewed......

This is how my blog was reviewed at freesubmitnow.blogspot

Sikkim: A beautiful Himalayan State in India

One, often forgotten, advantage of blogging is that one gets to see some exotic places which we never knew ever existed. Sikkim is one such place in India. Its the place which inspires, Shital Pradhan, to write his blog and he writes average more than one post a day. Now thats what is called truely inspirational.

I just googled "Sikkim" and the images which showed up really made me sit-up in awe. No wonder it the state recieves high percentage of tourism visiting India. And this blog is Encyclopedia (or Wikipedia) of Sikkim. A perfect blog on one's homeland, a place which we all love, but often forget to give its due.

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