Saturday, June 13, 2009

78th Episode of Basibiyalo held

by Hira Chettri

Poetries, songs, one act and ghazals prime attractions

Kalimnews, 13 June :

C.K Shrestha addressing the basibiyalo

78th episode of monthly literary programme Basibiyalo (pastime) was held today at Sub-division Library Hall, Kalimpong. The programme jointly hoisted by Shiba Chhetri ‘Sibu’ and Raju Bhgai was attended by more than fifty literary figures mostly from younger generation. In the programme, which is organized every second Saturday here, C.K. Shrestha, a reputed playwright, was present as the guest who also happens to be the founder of this popular programme. Other figures included novelist Gyan Sutar, senior woman writer Smt. Sanumati Rai, B.K. Shilal, Samsher Ali, B.R. Raichamling, T.N. Subedi, Dr. Kamal Pokhrel, Mira Chhetri, Capt (Retd) Bhumi Raj Rai, Jit Maskey, Harka Pariyar, Manita Rai, Paras Sharma, Birendra Kharka, Dr. Din Dayal Agarwal, Navin Rasik, Sarita Samdarshi, Bishnu Bhujel, Subash Sherestha, and others who recited self composed poems and short stories. Hira Chhetri presented a travelogue regarding his recent visit to Hyderabad and C.K. Shrestha read out a portion of his forthcoming drama Dailo (Door). Sahadeo S. Giri, Editor Charitra, presented a new feature called ‘Jungle Talk’ based on a true incident before the audiences. An eight year old boy Prashant Khati of Pasting Tea Estate surprised the gathering by presenting two melodious songs. The main attraction of the programme was ghazals recited by Asim Sagar.

Moreover, this time a sizeable number of guest literary figures from outside Kalimpong were also present on the occasion including Ms. Apsara Dahal (Burmeok, West Sikkim), Bijay Narayan Pradhan (Namthang, Sikkim), Puran Lohar (Siliguri), Sudesh Khati (Gangtok), Binod Chhetri (Gorubathan) etc. They shared literary items and personal views on various topics. Binod Chhetri who attended the programme after a long span of over twelve years, addressing the gathering not only highlighted the role of Basibiyalo in development of Nepali literature but also pointed out its contribution to expose the talents of young generation. Samsher Ali also echoed his feeling and opined that such creative activities should continue in the society.

Poet Manita Rai reciting her poem

Tshering Bhutia expressed the difficulties being experienced by the youths due to improper method of issuing Gorkha Certificates. According to Bhutia, though the Bhutias, Lepchas and other communities residing in the hills are regarded as the Gorkhas, they are, however, not in a position to get requisite Gorkha certificate. His view was responded by C.K. Shrestha, who being the Working President of a national organization Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh assured to seriously look after the situation. He said that there should prevail feeling of acceptance of other communities in the Gorkha community if we (the Gorkhas) want them belong to us.

In the programme it was decided to hold 79th episode of Basibiyalo on 11th July at the same venue as Bhanu Jayanti special which will be hoisted by Samsher Ali.

Gathering in basibiyalo

It may be recalled that Basibiyalo being an informal and free platform, anybody can raise any relevant issue here. Due to such nature and concept this programme has been termed as ‘forum without quorum’. A section of the local people has appreciated the concept of openness of the programme while some of them have adversely criticized the same for lending over-freedom.

It may be recalled that the Basibiyalo was started during early 90s by a few Kalimpongey literary personalities working in Gangtok, capital of Himalayan state Sikkim. Later the programme was imported to Kalimpong where its 33 episodes were organized till 1995. However, after a passage of over ten years, the programme is being re-organized from 2005 at the initiative of social activist Samsher Ali and his friends. The Basibiyalo has organized its golden and platinum jubilee on completion of 50th and 75th episodes so far. According to Ali, a proposal is being mooted to organize the 100th episode at national level preferably outside Kalimpong. In fact the programme has already crossed the barrier of its physical limitation and has so far been organized in Lava, Melli (South Sikkim), Teesta Triveni, Mongpo, etc.