Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Children of a single man forced the Goverment to set up a school

This one is really interesting, i am told that one of the school in Sikkim was opened more than two decades back because of 20 odd children of a single man. The story is from a small village in East Sikkim of a man who had three wives and a total of 20 plus children. The village where he lived did not had any school and especially for his students the department set up a primary school and that still runs till date. When asked about the reason for such huge family i was told a bout an incident that happened with that man. When his father died few decades back, no one had came to carry the dead bodies for some unknown reason. It is also said that he himself had carried the body of his dead father in "doko" (hand made bamboo carrier basket).  He then made a promise that for his funeral he shall have enough children that he does not have need other people's help. 

The red circle in the middle of the pic is the house of the man while the black circled houses belongs to his children's that had separated after they got married.