Monday, February 01, 2010

The pair of fish at Coronation Bridge !!

We all have seen the eight lucky signs of buddhism in different Buddhist related customary presence. But to see something like "Sernya" also known as the pair golden fishes in the middle of Coronation Bridge near Sevoke was not expected by me at least.The sculpted picture has a pair of fish making a circle with a conch in the middle.

According to the buddhism " A Pair of Golden Fishes symbolizes resurrection of eternal life, rebirth etc. The pair signifies the ability to swim with ease without obstruction in the ocean of this world. They may also be taken to symbolize the eye of perception as fish can see through muddy water. The fish couple suggests mutual aid and indispensability between male and female material life." 

But it still finds me in mystery well what was that pair of fishes doing there.....could be a way of honouring a marine life that flows below the magnificent man made marvel or something else ! 

The foundation stone of the bridge was laid by John Anderson, the then Governor of Bengal in 1937.  It was constructed by Mr John Chambers, who was the last British Executive Engineer of Darjeeling Division Public Works Department. The bridge was completed in 1941 to mark the Coronation of George VI in 1937 and is also called Coronation Bridge. It is more popular to the locals as Baghpool.