Friday, December 23, 2011

Ganga Pradhan Memorial Award for the best attendence for the year 2011

My mother Ganga Pradhan passed away in 2003; she was a primary school teacher. Being a primary school teacher I wanted to honour my mother. Since last five years at Burung Primary School (now JHS) I was providing trophy for the best attendance of the year from the entire Burung School. Though I got transferred to Dalapchand SS this year, I did not want to miss the opportunity to celebrate the best attendance of the year, a class of award for a student who had the least days of absence from the school. 

So this time too, I gifted the award for Burung JHS and Dalapchand SS students in my mother’s name, Ganga Pradhan Memorial for the best attendance of year 2011. Sumiran Rai from Class V won the award at Dalapchand SS where he was present in 218 days from the overall 219 schooling days.