Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sikkim State Bank Employees sponsors blankets to 28 EQ affected families


RONGLI, DECEMBER 14: Two days blanket distribution for the Sikkim Earthquake affected families at Dalapchand regions and Pacha regions was conducted on December 13 and 14. The blankets sponsored by Sikkim State Bank Employees Coordination Committee were helped by SPARK NGO from Singtam and Generous Students Dalapchand Secondary School in the distribution of those blankets. 
SPARK NGO from Singtam had been extending help to the Sikkim Earthquake victims, earlier they had brought two separate Delhi teams to Sikkim and had helped earthquake affected families.
Praveen Pradhan, President SPARK NGO along with its members Shital Pradhan, Sunita Gurung, Prakash Sundas and Firoze Lohagun from Singtam visited the earthquake affected families of Deoling, Chandaney and Lower Dalapchand on December 13. They were helped by the student organization of Dalapchand Secondary School, the “Generous Students”. Blankets were distributed to 13 families on the first day. 

Speaking on the occasion Praveen Pradhan, President SPARK NGO informed the affected families that the blankets were sponsored by Sikkim State Bank Employees Coordination Committee whereas his SPARK NGO was only the medium in helping distribute those materials. Firoze Lohagun added it was his first visit to those villages and he felt happy to be with the villagers and help them.
Sonam Dorjee Bhutia, Graduate Teacher and Advisor of Generous Students Dalapchand SS thanked Sikkim State BECC for their contribution in helping our people. Bhutia added Generous Students are always prepared for any social cause and it is our responsibility to do something for our society, he said. 

The team of Praveen Pradhan, Shital Pradhan, Sunita Gurung and Firoze Lohagun visited Pacha Saraswati Primary School, two hour walk from the nearest motorable road. Fifteen EQ families of Pacha, Majua and Chuba was invited at Pacha Saraswati Primary School in their annual day function They were distributed blankets in the function from the hands of distinguished guests present on the occasion.
The families who had received the blankets thanked Sikkim State Bank Employees Coordination Committee for extending their help. This is the second round of the blanket distributions of the 18/9 Sikkim Earthquake, earlier they had distributed blankets to the affected families in North Sikkim.

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