Friday, January 02, 2009

Sukhim, Sikkim and me!!!

I am starting my 2009 with an old poem writtten by me and published at Weekend Review Newspaper.

Sukhim, Sikkim and me!!!

It was an awesome dream,

A dream that had million trims.

I saw a battle being fought,

A battle that had no army men,

No weapons and no horses,

And still it was a war,

A great tussle of words.

A shinny man in old torn cloths,

Touching his withered forehead,

Caught on with the debate,

I tried my best to recognize him,

But the wrinkled face fooled me.

Upon I look to the other side,

A debonair, dashing,

Determined face he had,

I took a chance,

And went close to him,

I easily found his freshness,

Phoney it did not looked.

But I felt, I should,

Ask both of them,

Their existence,

And the word for their fight.

The beard man looked right towards me,

He saw my sleeping suit and looked his upon,

He rubbed his eye and moved his lip,

Slowly he told, he was “Sukhim”.

From the past he had come,

For the truth he had came,

But surprised, his days have ended.

His dreams of serene beauty is gone,

His fight for the existence is gone,

All lost to the hollow space of time,

Alas he cried, alas I am dead now!

I was aghast

Sure, I knew nothing at all,

I thought of myself,

Is he the one I used to search?

Or, the other side of my hard pain really,

I looked at that old fellow

And smiled……

The others man’s face,

Pierced through my eyes,

I too was aware now...

I whispered, are you “Sikkim”?

He looked in my eyes,

Nodded his head,

And in a sarcastic way,

Asked me, who are you?

Me, I told…well who am i?

Neither a part of Sukhim,

Had I recognized me,

But I am afraid.

Nor Sikkim recalls me,

Really what am i? Who am i?

I closed my eyes…

I see the great land of Demajong,

People living in serene valley,

With happiness and shelter around,

And from somewhere I hear a moan,

I search to the cry, I try, and I tried,

A baby I found, lying in pain,

Dust, pebbles, thorny arms reaching her,

I went to the baby and lifted her,

She smiled and made me surprise,

I looked below the ground,

And all the things were gone,

I was taken aback,

The baby girl touched my eye,

And I could feel it,

I rubbed my eye and ah!

I was back from my dream.

I could not understand

The tale of the baby and still,

I gave a thought,

…i found my way back,

I went near Sukhim and Sikkim,

They awaited my lips reading,

My thought, my degree of existence!

Well I said,

“I am the future of Sikkim,

And the past of Sikkim”,

They looked at each other

And went through the air.

Never could I find the way out,

The debate of the two thoughts,

And the sudden vanish.

Well, I kiss my night,

And speak to myself.

There shall be another day,

Where I shall again see,

Sukhim, Sikkim and me!!

19-25 dec, 2003

Weekend Review Newspaper

NB: Sukhim is the earlier name of Sikkim